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Hi! This website is an introduction to me, my work, my life, and my family. It is also used by my family and myself for various chores and projects. I hope all visitors find something useful, entertaining, or inspiring. Let me know your thoughts...

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Google Tango Tablet

I received my Google tango project tablet but haven't gotten to play with it much. One thing I learned that I hadn't expected is that a sim card in a tablet doesn't mean you can use the tablet like a telephone. At least that was what they said at T-Mobile store. They gave some excuse about an antenna issue. That seems crazy to me though. I'm looking into this more.....

My Agile Adapted List

1. Provide good products fast.
2. Welcome change even when it hurts.
3. Deliver Frequently.
4. Cooperate often rather than defend occasionally.
5. Motivate and trust developers.
6. Initiate intimate conversation.
7. Measure progress via working software.
8. Create as a lifestyle, not a diet.
9. Build elegance in, rather than cleanup.
10. Less is more, easy does it.
11. Evolve teams and team members.
12. Reflect, adjust, repeat.

Crochet Charts Open Source C++ Project

I have wanted to get started in Open Source for some time now, but I feared getting lost in a project that I couldn't really get behind. So, I thought about all the things I've been interested in over the years. I have been a fan of needlework, especially crochet since I was 8 or 9 years old. I did a search on programs that would help folks with creating crochet patterns, and low and behold, there is an open source project for just this thing. It started as a for purchase program, but the creator's time became consumed by other projects. He put it into the open source community.