I have wanted to get started in Open Source for some time now, but I feared getting lost in a project that I couldn't really get behind. So, I thought about all the things I've been interested in over the years. I have been a fan of needlework, especially crochet since I was 8 or 9 years old. I did a search on programs that would help folks with creating crochet patterns, and low and behold, there is an open source project for just this thing. It started as a for purchase program, but the creator's time became consumed by other projects. He put it into the open source community. One of the users convinced a university to look into it, and a revision was recently released. I couldn't of dreamed up a better project to become a part of. There are only a few of us now, and we are figuring out how to become a community. There is good work to do in the project, it's in a language I'm comfortable with, using tools I can download for free.

Check it out at: and the forum for the product at:

Crochet Charts Open Source C++ Project