January 14, 2016

Curt Watson
Curt Watson Consulting

To whom it may concern:
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Carol Odiorne.  I have worked with Carol since 1996, in a variety of different capacities, and she has excelled at them all. We first met when we were both employed by Verifone, Inc. were we worked together on the bleeding edge development of smart card technology. I hired her as a software consultant in 1999 for Integrated Designs in Carrollton, Texas. IDI provides precision photochemical dispense and management technology to the semiconductor fabrication industry. There, she was the sole maintainer of IDI's Visual Studio software (C/C++) that performed testing of our integrated circuit fabrication hardware. I transitioned to Texas Instruments, and once again hired her to assist in the development of TI's Radio Frequency ID products.
Carol is very goal oriented and works well independently. She can be relied upon to provide product on time, and on budget. She also works well with others.  She is keenly devoted to her work, but as a well rounded individual, she is also enjoyable to be around.
In closing, let me say I have no hesitation in recommending Carol Odiorne for any position pertaining to software development or project management.  I feel confident she would be an asset to your organization.  If at anytime you wish to discuss my relationship with Carol Odiorne please feel free to contact me at ?@?


Curtis Watson  
Independent Consultant

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Curtis Watson's Letter of Recommendation