My specialty is not website development. In truth, in my ego driven moments, I have considered it a bit too elementary. However, since I live in an age where self promotion is a key to employment, I determined that I should have a website, and I started my exploration.

First, I tried to determine what development platform I'd work with. I had some experience working with WordPress because I have done some pro bono work for different charities. I eliminated Wordpress from consideration, because of all the spam I received as a result of this charity work. Anything that is over used is overwhelmed. I could of researched spam reduction and avoidance, and found methods to deal with it, but I wasn't inspired by Wordpress and had no desire to work with it in depth. However, whenever I do charity work, I still use Wordpress. I can be relatively sure that someone else involved with the charity will be able to do the updates without my intervention, and maintainability should always be a key factor in these sorts of decisions.

I looked at Laravel, worked with Laravel, and loved Laravel. Based on Symfony it is a programmer's platform, in every respect. With it's Model, View, Controller focus, plethora of cool tools, and just plain eloquence, I spent lots of time getting acquainted and dancing with it. I was all set to begin development for my personal website, when I discovered that Laravel isn't supported by all web server's due to it's minimum hosting requirements. I wanted to use a very inexpensive shared hosting environment as my web server, and in doing so, ruled Laravel out.

After more investigation, I settled on Drupal. It seemed a good compromise between Laravel and Wordpress. I was impressed by the large community of open source developers, and the platform didn't appear to be inundated with hackers working at making life miserable for everyone. I have remained happy with this choice. Thanks Drupal.

Origins of my Website Development