My Adventures Getting Started with Nuttx RTOS - My Deadends

This assumes you have the CodeSourcery toolchain (something you need to purchase)

But even still, using the overrides it suggests (CodeSourcery and no buildroot), it still appears to be looking for a buildroot.


I need to list my dead ends, otherwise, I tend to repeat them over and again.

My Adventures Getting Started with Nuttx RTOS - NUTTX Simulator

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Read about this NUTTX Simulator and had a hard time getting it up and running.

I have lots of problems with implementing anything from above website (and I'm not sure why) but in this case, after figuring out that ddd (cli command) was a debugger that I could install on my linux machine, I was successful.

$ sudo apt-get install ddd

My Adventures Getting Started with Nuttx RTOS, QEMU

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Prior to beginning to work with Nuttx with a different configuration setup (board configuration), reset everything running the following from the nuttx/ directory:

make distclean

QEMU was an interesting possibility. I saw a little demo of it running Nuttx and I actually got to see the Nuttx shell in action

(from terminal window that appears, switch from qemu to nuttx shell with ALT CTRL 3).

My Adventures Getting Started with Nuttx RTOS - PX4 Project

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In my situation, on installing to board it just gets hung....

Says to pull the usb cable in and out, but nothing happens.

However, I was able to download the application into the stm32f4discovery in
the following way:

termnal 1:
$ openocd -f interface/stlink-v2.cfg -f target/stm32f4x_stlink.cfg

My Adventures Getting Started with Nuttx RTOS - Working with the STM32F4Discovery Board

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I started looking a bit at the other link my colleague supplied. However, most of the work in the PX4 project assumes you are working with a Windows computer. So, I decided it would be best for me to see something work on the STM32F4Discovery board, even if it wasn't Nuttx, so began to focus on that.

The following was a good source:


My Adventures Getting Started with Nuttx RTOS - Initial Setup

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I started on the journey. I tried to do the steps in the documentation as I read them. First, download the nuttx tarball.

Since I am familiar with Sourceforge, when I noted the files were there located there, I used that as my starting point.

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